The Fellowship will be a grueling and demanding work experience. Each fellow is required to spend at least 48 hours a week, but we expect that most will wind up spending more than 60 hours, and having great fun doing so. Occasional weeks might involve more than 14-15 hour workdays.

  • Each Fellow will be assigned a Mentor, who is also a DaanUtsav volunteer. Mentors are senior corporate executives, business leaders or social entrepreneurs. Each Mentor is committed to spending at least 30-40 hours a month in mentoring the Fellows, helping them reflect, learn and grow, and pick up soft and hard skills to work effectively and achieve goals. Mentors will provide significant initial guidance and training, followed by daily support and monitoring to the Fellow throughout the duration of the Fellowship. Some Mentors may take help of a Guide to support their efforts.
  • Fellows are expected to follow the guidance and instructions given by the Mentor, Guide and volunteers from their city.
  • City Fellows will get to interact with a wide range of business leaders and executives, social entrepreneurs and NGOs, school and college leaders, government administrators and community leaders. This kind of exposure is rarely available in any other opportunity, and will help Fellows create phenomenal relationships and networks across their city.
  • The Communications & Media Fellow will build useful connections in the Media, advertising & PR fraternity. The Digital Communications Fellow will build useful connections with social media influencers.
  • The Crowdfunding Fellows will also get to meet a very wide range of people from across the NGO, school, college, corporate sectors and will learn to hone their marketing & sales skills
  • All fellows will work closely with passionate volunteers in their own city
  • Fellows will build strong communication, presentation and persuasion skills, self- confidence, positive values and beliefs, greater compassion and caring, a deeper understanding of India’s social issues and challenges as well as possible solutions to them.
  • Fellows will receive a certificate on successful completion of the Fellowship Programme from their respective host organisations and/or a letter of recommendation from their mentor.
  • Fellows are expected to attend all the reviews/meets at the city, regional and national levels that their mentors assign them to, as well as all fellowship review meetings and calls. Typically, weekends are active work periods in most cities and Fellows will have to work on all Saturdays, often on Sundays too. Fellows are usually given a day off in a week, but there might be times when this is not available. Fellows can typically take 1-2 days off in a month with prior approval from their mentors, but longer leave or vacations during the Fellowship period are not permitted. Fellows are also subject to standard engagement terms of their host organisation, including office timings and behaviour, etc., unless indicated otherwise by their mentor.

4 thoughts on “Experience

  1. M.Venkat Raman


    In my facebook link I saw a position for Kolkata but when I entered the site there was no postilion for Kolkata. Please

  2. Subzar Ahmad

    Hi! I right away submitted my application. How soon will I get intimated, if I get shortlisted. And my work experience is in Skill Development industry, will that be counted?

    1. DaanUtsav Fellows

      Hi, the first shortlist will be completed by end of January.

      For the City Fellowships & Crowdfunding Fellowships, prior work experience is not a requirement. For the Communications Fellowships, experience in skill development is not relevant and hence will not be counted.


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