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The DaanUtsav Fellowship is an opportunity for young professionals to create significant social change. The Fellowships, hosted by iVolunteer, Impact Guru, IndiaCares, GrowTrees, Letzchange and Swatantra Talim will enable Fellows to reach out to and mobilise hundreds of thousands of citizens to give, and to experience the joy in doing so. Through this process, fellows will build a lot of hard and soft skills, develop fabulous relationships, grow in confidence, and get in touch with their inner selves. Above all, the Fellowship will help each of them experience the exhilarating joy in giving of oneself to society!

The Fellowship programme is a 6 month, full-time commitment from May 4 to November 3, 2017 that carries a modest stipend. The following Fellowships are in offer this year-

Host Org Fellowship Type Location
iVolunteer City Fellowship [SELECTED & CLOSED] Hyderabad
iVolunteer City Fellowship [SELECTED & CLOSED] Mumbai
iVolunteer Media & Communications Fellowship [OPEN] Mumbai
IndiaCares City Fellowship [SELECTED & CLOSED] Bengaluru
Impact Guru Crowdfunding Fellowship [SELECTED & CLOSED] Mumbai
Grow Trees Crowdfunding Fellowship [OPEN] Mumbai
LetzChange Digital Communications Fellowship [SELECTED & CLOSED] Delhi, NCR
Swatantra Talim City Fellowship [SELECTED & CLOSED] Lucknow

Each fellow will be assigned a Mentor, who is a DaanUtsav volunteer himself/herself, and will work from the offices of the Mentor, the host organization, or in a local nonprofit organization. Fellows will be offered a stipend of Rs15,000 per month and a reimbursement of Rs5,000 per month towards local conveyance, telephone and other expenses, so totalling Rs20,000 per month.

For the Communications Fellowship, those proficient in the desired technical skills, having at least 2-3 years’ work experience, will be offered a higher stipend of Rs 25,000 per month, and an additional reimbursement of Rs 5,000 per month, totalling Rs30,000 per month. Fresher applications without the proficiency required, will be considered at the regular stipend level of Rs20,000 per month.

In Mumbai and Delhi, a partial rent reimbursement of Rs5,000 per month may be offered to non-residents of the city, i.e., those who do not stay with family or relatives.

Fellows may need to travel outside their cities for 3-5 days a month, for national orientation, trainings and reviews, a few field visits to surrounding towns and rural areas as part of their work. All such outstation travel expenses will be fully reimbursed, and Mentors will ensure that such travel is safe for the Fellow.

The City Fellow’s main role will be to
  1. Be overall responsible to ensure that a million people celebrate the festival in your city
  2. Conceptualise, design and implement public events and activity ideas for mass participation in the festival
  3. Meet several new organisations/institutions and previous participants, and engage them in DaanUtsav celebrations. This includes corporates (CEOs, CXOs, HR & CSR heads and managers), schools and colleges (Principals and senior teachers), senior Government officials (senior police & municipal corporation officers, senior executives in Govt enterprises, Secretaries, Directors of Govt departments)
  4. Schedule and help organize volunteer meets, including logistics, keep minutes and follow up on the tasks agreed by volunteers in each city
  5. Assist volunteers in the city in helping scale up DaanUtsav participation
  6. Brainstorm on new ideas for mass participation
  7. Schedule and organize NGO/Corporate workshops or such meets to propagate the festival and get larger participation.
  8. Compile/ create with help, suitable collateral for use- presentations, mailers, documents
  9. Post updates on website, social media and co-ordinate with local media where required
  10. Any other tasks assigned by the Mentor or volunteers of the city from time to time
The Media & Communications Fellow’s role will be to
  1. Work with the Mentor and advisors/ volunteers to chalk out a Media strategy and a Communication Plan for the festival
  2. Meet TV channels, newspapers, radio stations and other media outlets and engage them, including Doordarshan, All India Radio & community radio stations.
  3. Manage @DaanUtsav social media handles (FB, Twitter, Youtube) and website, blog, as well as outreach to pages/channels like Logical Indan, TBI, AIB, Tintumon, Laughing Colours, etc.
  4. Meet and seek support from promotion sources (Outdoor, auto unions, Uber/Ola/Meru, etc.) and pursue other “BTL marketing” ideas
  5. Create various collaterals as required (videos, pictures, prezis, ppts, posters, banners, etc.), get them translated in various languages
  6. Any other task assigned by the Mentor or other volunteers from time to time
The Crowdfunding Fellow’s role will be to
  1. Create crowdfunding ideas & event ideas for various verticals/groups (schools, colleges, NGOs, corporates, etc.)
  2. Reach out to people across verticals in the region and evangelise #DaanUtsav to them
  3. Present #DaanUtsav crowdfunding opportunities at various workshops and platforms.
  4. Help host organisation design & own a challenge/event for #DaanUtsav
  5. Find sponsors for “matching grants” by cause/NGO and “challenge grants” for specific orgs from funders and assist NGOs in earning them
  6. Organise crowdfunding workshops for individuals & by vertical
  7. Create & share collaterals on crowdfunding, including toolkits

The Digital Communications Fellow’s role will be to

  1. Influence, inspire & motivate brands to use #DaanUtsav or #DaanUtsav evens to strategise and promote their brand’s core values. Initiate ideas for such mass communication campaigns across various media
  2. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers, to volunteer on spreading the word about #DaanUtsav across their own channels. Example: Popular Twitteratti, Youtubers, Podcasters, Instagramers, etc
  3. Keeping a special eye on collaborating with budding vernacular entities in online space.


119 thoughts on “About Fellowship

  1. Medini Sathish NS

    We have volunteering for Yogith society for universe which was governed by GURU Thavasuthanathar, from Nagapattinam district, We would like to work for the good cause for improving the life style of the people through Thapas (Dhyan) We do not have any Web site however we have face book page : https://www.facebook.com/thavasuthanathare

      1. Madhankumar

        I would like to be part of this program and I have past 7 years experience with NGO sector if you possible to give me opportunity I will prove my self.

          1. Shraddha Dixit

            hello sir,
            greetings for today , i am pursuing MBA (rural development) from university of Allahabad.i want to apply for fellowship can i apply in this session.

          2. Shraddha Dixit

            thanks I have applied for fellowship in this session .but I haven’t got any information from your side .

      2. priyanka sharma

        Hello sir,
        My name is Priyanka Sharma. I want to join but I live in Amritsar and currently doing teaching job at local school. So tell me that how can I join and part of excellent work that you are doing .
        My email address is s.aarti30@Yahoo.com
        Kindly acknowledged my comment.

        Priyanka Sharma

  2. Elizabeth Kapinga Myumbilwa

    I would like to join the program,how ever I am from Tanzania, work in South Africa as an educator,please advice me on any program I can join in these two countries
    . Thanks and God bless u

    1. DaanUtsav Fellows

      Hi, Elizabeth.

      Thank you for your interest. This Fellowship will not be suitable for you. However, you might want to try other Fellowships like the VSO ones, UN Volunteers’ Programme or Teach For India (www.teachforindia.org).

  3. shashank kumar

    Hello sir/mam
    I am a college student, in the final year of my graduation. I have not completed my graduation but i want to know if i can apply for the fellowship 2015?

    1. DaanUtsav Fellows

      If you will complete your graduation on or before April 26, you can apply- please rush your application in by tomorrow, though, as the deadline has actually expired.

      If your exams/ other commitments extend beyond April 26, then you could explore volunteering with us. Please write to aarti at governancecounts dot org dot in, and we’ll be happy to get you connected to volunteers in your city.

    1. DaanUtsav Fellows

      That’s upto the fellow to decide.

      The Fellowship will provide a lot of exposure to a range of sectors (nonprofits, corporates, educational institutions, media, etc.) and a chance to meet a lot of people. It can be very useful for the Fellows to figure out what they’d like to do in life!


    Myself Abhishek Sarkar, I have submitted the fellowship application but I haven’t received any feedback email from your side. I hope to get your response at the earliest.

    Abhishek Sarkar


    If i will be shortlisted for your fellowship program so, it would be overwhelming opportunity for me and there i can explore myself and also i will become social entrepreneur because I wanna become entrepreneur.

  6. Ujjawala

    Hi! I am interested in the fellowship but the cities you want the fellows be from does not include my city. I am from Kolkata. Can I still apply ?

    1. DaanUtsav Fellows

      Hi, Ujjawala… we have added Kolkata today! KolkataGives is hosting a DaanUtsav Fellowship in your city. Please go ahead and apply asap. The deadline is March 13, but you will need at least a week to complete the form as it involves doing various activities.

  7. harish

    I am harish.I am presently in final year of my B.tech .I am interested in this fellowship programme. Can I able to apply for this

  8. S.Vidhur

    I’m doing my 3rd year would i be capable of joining this fellowship . And what do u mean by full time commitement.

    1. DaanUtsav Fellows

      If you are graduating on or before May 15, you can apply. Full time means that the Fellowship can’t be done along with studies or a job, it requires the Fellow to be available 24×7 during the 6 month period, and spend about 50-60 hours a week on the Fellowship during this period.

  9. Rai Sumit Kumar Sinha

    Hey I am sumit and currently I left my job and ready to take new challenge for bhumi.I would like to take this opportunity Hyderabad.Basically I am B.tech Mechanical engineer and available from next month onwards,So kindly let me know if you find any opportunity to me to join this fellowship program at bhumi.

  10. Yash Yadav

    I have applied to few universities abroad to pursue my masters in construction management. I am expecting admission in the month of august. Would that be okay if I volunteer for this much time?


    Hi! I am interested in the fellowship. I am from Kolkata. I’m doing a job. My job role is Academic Counselor & Basic Computer Trainer. I want to join your Organization. Please suggest me regarding the procedure by which I can apply for it.


    a very great opportunity for everyone i would also like to be the part of this if provided thank u

  13. Umar kathab N

    YES !
    I am in a right path .
    Umar here from computerscience background basically mathematics teacher , love to spend time with students of various age group.
    I am an enterpernuer, freelancer, teacher and so on.
    Being In NSS in my childhood.
    Servicing people is in my blood.
    Focusing more on my potential, hope this ground is right place to play.

  14. Alak Kumar Chowdhury

    I am 61 years and retired from a very senior position. Can I be a part of your DaanUtsav Fellow programme ? The same query I put yesterday. Can you kindly update me so that I can apply.

      1. Anupam jha

        Hello sir/mam
        I am Anupam Jha, i have done BSW and MSW, i have also five years experience of internship and one year working experience in NGOs sector, I want to be part of your internship program. if you find suitable please let me know. Thank you

  15. Sudiptachaudhuri

    I Sudipta chaudhuri highly interested about fellowship at Kolkata.I think you do the needful job as early as possible in my favour.
    With regards
    Sudipta chaudhuri.

    1. Sudiptachaudhuri

      Actually what moderation is required is not clear to me.please contact me this number-9903600327 I will be obliged.
      With regards
      Sudipta chaudhuri

  16. Koyel Banerjee

    Is it necessary to have work experience for working as a volunteer at Daan Utsav? Are volunteers paid here?

  17. Richa

    I really loved the idea of yoir working and want to be a part of this but one of my problem is that i am not free in the month of May. But i really want to participate if you could adjust for me for just 1 month i would be very grateful.

  18. Koyeli Das

    Hello Sir/Mam,
    I am doing my 3rd year in Environmental science (Honours) & i will complete my course on or before March positively. Actually i am very much eager to be a part of this noble did.But i cannot understand how can i join with this programme.
    I will be greatfull to you, if you kindly guide me towards fulfilling my this effort.

    Koyeli Das…..

  19. sabyasachi Basu

    I would like to participate in Daan festival i.e would like to contribute but to whom & where should I give .
    I live in Kolkata ( South), West Bengal

  20. Dip jyoti sarma

    I am dip jyoti sarma from guwahati. I wil done three year dgree crouse and diploma in mass communication. So i have interest your intership.so plz help me…my cont no -7896246254

  21. Suman Lata Pandey

    Hi,myself suman Pandey would like to participate in ur fellowship program. I’m from Mumbai (teacher)

  22. Riny Sharma


    On the website it reads, “The application deadline for Phase 2 applications is January 29, 2017”. I have just submitted my completed application, since today is 29th, I hope it means I could submit my application today as well (?).

    I am so excited already and really looking forward to this fellowship! 🙂

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks!


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