A range of events are held across the country every year from October 2-8 to celebrate DaanUtsav.The events are celebrated at institution and individual level where acts of giving are involved in a group or an individual.

Here are few sample events that have celebrated giving.  Please note that these are just sample events. Actual list of events are much more diverse. 🙂


Edu Daan is an unique campaign under Daan Utsav which supported lesser privileged government schools in and around Bangalore. The children from private schools were given Hundis/Piggy Banks to go around their neighborhood/friends and families to collect money. Over 100,000 children Grade 3 to 10 participated in this. This initiative brought corporates, private schools, a group of NGOs, government schools and the Government of Karnataka together. Some of the corporates even matched the amount raised by the schools to double the funds through employee contribution or from their CSR Budget. Some of the schools who participated in this are Freedom International School and Deen’s Academy where the children enthusiastically collected a large sum of money which was then handed over to the government schools and used for better infrastructure, to promote sports and support mid day meals.




As always, the police in Chennai have been actively participating throughout the years. They have different events every year. One year, they called children from a government school in the same area and gave them a lesson in safety with a tour around the station and refreshments post that. This year, they want to bridge the gap between senior citizens. The DC in the Mylapore area in Chennai got the elderly to interact with the local police, beat offices to build friendships.


Mumbai Metro decided to support Cancer this year. They partnered with Indian Cancer Society to spread awareness and raise funds for Breast Cancer in 8 stations across Mumbai. Indian Cancer Society had a mammogram van parked outside one of the stations which gave free mammography check ups to the first 50 women who registered each day. They even had their volunteers prepare a flash mob each of the week to educate and entertain the crowd.

IMG-20151006-WA0084 Flashmob
National Streets of Performing Arts conducted a music workshop in one of the stations. They invited children from Ashadeep Association and designed a seven day workshop where they taught them how to create music from waste products.

12066042_1140683095960042_8821986006049396674_n 12088053_10153237199615835_436175763439770969_n

Lastly they ran a in kind donation where they collected clothes, stationery, books and gave it to  Tarang Foundation and Goonj.

Collection box 12074977_963734090352405_8928361899685384569_n



MESCO is a NGO based in Mumbai that has been participating in the festival of giving since a few years. Besides the usual Wish Tree and Newspaper drives that they do in corporates and housing societies this year they decided to get the whole community involved. Their school in Mumbra, Thane had different sessions that they conducted for the community. The past students who had once benefitted from the various programs that they hold helped children around the community giving them apptitute tests and free career counselling. They had free Mehendi application and haircuts for women in the community.
The school children as their act of giving donated money to buy stationery and spent the whole day at Ummeed Home for children with special needs.

Aptitute test for 75 students by MESCO (8) Mehendi by MESCO beneficiaries to outside ladies (10)



India Smile Challenge is Indias’ first online fundraising completion organized by Give India every year during DaanUtsav. It’s a way for corporate, NGOs and individuals to participate in the DaanUtsav.

Participants raise funds online by reaching out to their internal and external stakeholders, thus creating a community approach to fundraising. And get rewarded for their efforts through additional funds given as matching grants, for fundraising in different categories, to winning NGOs, during the course of the event.

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Every year the funds raised by this competition have been increasing and has reached out to over 5 crores. It comes as a great opportunity to enthuse more awareness and inclusion for various causes/CSR and an opportunity to engage greater number of stakeholders through fun and inclusive “connect with the cause” activities such as NGO visits, skill sharing, in-kind donations, fun-n-fair, NGO mela, sports events, etc.


Since the launch of the festival in 2009, a large number of corporates have been participating. It is a week where they engage their employees in different activities to do an act of giving. Whether it is a visit to an old age home or an orphanage or putting up a wish tree in their office premises or asking them to donate in kind, employees look forward to the week. Banks, pharmaceutical companies and even media houses participate in whatever way they can.

Tata Motors Jamshedpur (3) Wish tree to support drought affected farmers



One of the biggest malls of our country participated in a large way in the festival in Mumbai this year. They picked three NGOs with different causes that they supported and gave them the courtyard for a day each. Here the NGO was allowed to put up stalls, collect money and raise awareness. A stage was also constructed where performances by different dance groups was organised pro bono.

Game stall booths Dance performance (2)




hosp3 Govt. hospitals are usually understaffed and overcrowded, leaving a lot to be desired in terms of cleanliness and hygiene .Volunteers from the community are invited to spend time to clean up govt. hospitals in their location (city, town, village – PHC etc) The duration of this event is from 2-7 days depending on the area taken up for cleaning


This event has been happening in Tamil Nadu and is a great way to involve citizens and masses in an act of giving




These are few examples of individual acts of giving where individuals have used their skills to reach out to the needy and participated in DaanUtsav. There are different events that are organised by volunteering groups across the country. In Mumbai, a group of volunteers got together on 2nd October went with food packets to Tata Memorial Hospital and fed the cancer patients with their families sitting on the footpath.

In Chennai, Dinner with Dignity is a movement that took place in the week, where different volunteers mapped different areas where the homeless lived and gave them simple home cooked meal throughout the week.

Oct 2nd- tata memorial- individuals came to feed 2


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