Core belief

 We live in a world that teaches us to “maximise returns on everything”. Yet, study after psychological study shows that humans are innately designed to be altruistic, and to care for others. We believe that compassion is one of the highest virtues for humanity to strive towards.

A simple, unconditional act of giving – offering a sandwich to someone hungry, or providing toys to a young child- creates a spark of joy for the giver. Experiencing this joy motivates people to give more. Interaction with those benefited from our giving creates greater empathy and moves us towards more engaged and committed giving. While one may start by giving based on one’s own beliefs, greater interaction helps us realise what actually matters to the other person, and helps us tailor our giving- eventually, the joy comes from the change in the other’s life that one is able to contribute to.

DaanUtsav hopes to “celebrate” this journey for everyone. It avoids judgement, but uses encouragement to help people move from the path of non-giving to giving, to engaged and empathetic giving. We believe that the joy experienced by the giver will motivate them towards this path.

For those who are already givers, or engaged givers, this is a great opportunity to “connect” with other like-minded people, and to celebrate the joy that they all experience, together.

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