2017 fellows

AYSHA (Bangalore city fellow)


I look forward to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and get as many people as possible to celebrate the festival and through every person I meet, I aspire to learn and assimilate their understanding. I want to understand what giving means to people from different backgrounds and through all of this, I seek to grow as an individual.




ISHANI (Mumbai city fellow)

From coming out of my comfort zone and talk to people from all walks of life to being a part of the amazing one week of sheer ‘giving’, this fellowship will be a gateway to becoming accustomed to the larger world full of exposure. With a hope of make some amazing friends, I am looking forward to 6 months of experience and to make the most out of the time and opportunities given.




JASMINE (Delhi digital communication fellow)

It is truly a privilege to be associated with Daan Utsav. I am sure that these six months will be full of learning, experience, experiments and  interesting people. Daan Utsav is about celebrating giving and sharing the joy of it. As a Daan Utsav fellow , I am really looking forward to work and meet the ‘givers’ of our country. I am sure it will be a joyful journey for me too.




SABA (Lucknow city fellow)

Daan Utsav fellowship is one of a kind which gets everyone to witness the goodness in people.I got an opportunity to work with Swatantra Talim and Mango Growers Association being directly mentored by Rahul Agarwal and Jyotsna kaur Habibullah. I am proud to have been chosen for this fellowship where I will spend 6 months working with volunteers across India on celebrating this festival of giving. I am humbled by the excitement volunteers carried throughout this festival and their thought of giving back to the society.  I feel fortunate to be part of this ever-growing team and hoping to see Daan Utsav become a household festival in the coming years! 



SHRAVANI (Hyderabad city fellow)

When the college opened up myriad of opportunities to its Post-Graduation batch, Daan Utsav was one among the few attractive offers in the house. Being a Daan Utsav City Fellow I am looking forward to an enriching experience of bringing people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the festival. In the process of evangelising, I hope to meet socially conscious individuals from as many sectors as possible and through this journey I hope to grow stronger and better at socialization and time management.





SURBHI (Mumbai crowdfunding fellow)

Daan Utsav”! I had no idea about it until I got an e-mail regarding the Daan Utsav Fellowship. As I finished reading everything about it, I was sure that I want to do this. This is an incredible opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and learn. The people, the mentors, the acts, the festival, everything is going to a big chapter in my life. This fellowship will make me learn how you make a difference in real life. Be it reaching out to strangers or having a big event in the city, this fellowship will prepare me enough to shape up my own dreams and start working for it. I expect challenges, big ones, but I also expect experiences, good ones. As a crowdfunding fellow, I will get to know a lot of people, NGOs and others, whom I will help raise funds. This fellowship will make me know myself more and help me work on myself. The mentors, they are amazing people who are available for us, to guide us, to help us be better. Daan Utsav is our festival of giving, the festival of celebrating the joy of giving. This is my chance to celebrate it in a different way. By helping people celebrate it. This fellowship will open new doors for me, new opportunities for me, broaden my horizon, inspire me to make a difference.