2016 Fellows

Abinaya, Chennai“Daan Utsav fellowship is one of a kind which gets everyone to witness the goodness in people.I had an opportunity to work with Bhumi being directly mentored by Dr Prahalathan (Doc) , one of the co founders during Daan Utsav Fellowship. I am proud to have been chosen for this fellowship where I spent 6 months working with volunteers across India on celebrating this festival of giving. I was stumbled by the excitement volunteers carried through out this festival and their thought of giving back to the society by giving their time. Working with Doc was an unforgettable experience and I have come to know that he has an amazing understanding of people’s strengths and areas of improvements and he guides them accordingly. I am glad to have been able to understand myself more, develop my skills and sharpen my thoughts as a result of working with him.

This fellowship has motivated me to achieve more and encouraged me to look at things from a global perspective. To say my experience of working during the fellowship has been valuable would be a criminal understatement. I have been a part of a great team doing incredible work I really care about, I have created, and with his counselling designed and led a 3-hour workshop for evangelising volunteering, creating a national database of colleges across the nation, become much more comfortable expressing my emotions. I’ve helped people more than I ever have and really, truly developed as a person throughout this whole process.”


A Polish-German Revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg, once said: ‘Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.’
The Daan Utsav fellowship, undoubtedly, is about bringing people together to give back to the society; but it doesn’t end there. A big part of it is about giving something to yourself: the joy of adapting, evolving, and pushing yourself in this fellow avatar. Perhaps the two best things about these six months, like most other fellows would mention in their testimonials, are, firstly, interacting with folks from myriad backgrounds around the country and secondly, spending quality time with the mentors who are part of this fellowship team. The third thing, for me, was getting the opportunity to develop and brush-up several skills such as public speaking, blogging, designing, being uber-organised, etc.

In essence, taking from Luxemburg’s quote, the fellowship will has moved me and pushed me to do much more, to be much more… and to get out of my comfort zone at many occasions! I have learnt lessons and have had experiences during my six-month-long journey that are always going to stay with me. I’m absolutely glad I chose the fellowship over a regular, 10 to 6 corporate job, and was able to use some of my skills to reach out to the people of the country!”

Rashmi Kolkata

“Daan Utsav fellowship turned out to be a great canvas of learning for me. I met the most amazing people during the course of the period and got to learn about many things including Management skills, Leadership shills, Marketing skills, Communication and Personal Relations skills. 

It was a very happy and pleasant 6 months in the company of the most humble and successful professionals all across the spectrum. I am grateful for the opportunity as it has left me a better person at the end of the 6 months.”


“The Fellowship offered exposure to people from different sectors, which no other work opportunity can offer. I have met some amazing people in these six months, who taught me so many things by being themselves. The experience itself was a roller coaster ride, with days full of hope and days of low. But as the festival unwinded, everything fell into place and it felt worth all the efforts.

The satisfaction in witnessing compassion even from the poor is unparalleled and thus the festival sometimes made me wonder my own standards of rich and poor. The fellowship pushed me out of my comfort zone, which I found valuable in the days later.

The pressure to work with extremely hard-working people made me realize the importance of time and planning. I feel completely fortunate to be part of this ever-growing team and hoping to see Daan Utsav become a household festival in the coming years!”




“This Fellowship was the rare chance to work with industry stalwarts to create significant behaviour change in the society. Each day was filled with several learnings, and the experience overall has been significantly life-changing for me! The most incredible part of the Fellowship for me was the opportunity to work closely with my mentors because I learnt something new each minute that I spent with them.

The journey began with meeting close to 100 people in Mumbai and culminated with the biggest Daan Utsav celebrations that the city has seen in so many years. The festival week was filled with ups-and-downs, but it was heart-warming to see Mumbaikars from all walks of life come together to celebrate the pure joy that comes with giving. These 6 months have not only taught me new things, but I have also been very lucky to build strong relationships with my co-fellows!”



Sreelekha Hyderabad“My journey as a Daan Utsav fellow was not just amazing, but also enriching, along with providing a wonderful opportunity to meet professional, philanthropists, students, NGO Workers and various other personalities from different fields of the society; It has also provided me with an unparalleled  amount of exposure which I’m sure no other fellowship can provide me with.

The nature of work as a fellow has redefined my perspectives about myself and has also helped me to attain a certain level of clarity towards my career goals. My mentor and Volunteers have played a very crucial and important role in guiding and helping me whenever necessary and required throughout the journey of Daan Utsav 2016.”