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An extremely different kind of fellowship seen in India, where the fellows focus on all sections of people, with a transparent motive that “Celebrate the Daanutsav (Joy of giving) by doing whatever you can”.  These six months, were very hard working months, but at last when you see that your motive reach to a maximum number of people, that feeling is something which can’t be defined. During the fellowship, sometimes you feel, that you are preparing for a festival in your home, and inviting people, so you can make this festival best one for all the people those who are joining as well as for you too. Most important factor is enjoying the festival as much as you can and also the duration of fellowship, because these are very priceless moment, you are there because you are different from the crowd.



HarshitaThe Daanutsav Fellowship experience has been extremely valuable and life-changing for me. I met some truly incredible people and was lucky enough to have an amazing mentor who taught me a lot. Whenever I had any doubt( and God knows there were many such times) he always helped me see clearly through things, separate noise from signal and always encouraged me to come up with my own solutions. I have formed amazing friendships with my co-fellows. All six of us formed a strong bond and had each other to back us during our journey as we tried to mobilize communities in our respective cities to celebrate DaanUtsav. We would share our thoughts, our struggles with each other; we would discuss ideas and new ways to engage and mobilize communities. It’s just an over-whelming feeling, this sense of belonging to this beautiful cohort of Daanutsav volunteers from all over the country who just want create a culture of giving in this country. I feel lucky and greatful that I met Daanutsav community so early in my life. Will forever cherish my fellowship days and look forward to volunteer for Daanutsav in the future.


MalvikaThe six month fellowship has completely changed my life. I met some amazing people in these months who have inspired and taught me more than I could ever imagine to learn. I was lucky to be the fellow in Mumbai where I had the support of really incredible volunteers and mentors. At every step of this journey I had people who I could go for every small doubt that I had. This was the first year where I actually experienced the festival of giving and will always cherish the memories I made.

Since I was little, I have always had this dream of trying to change the world and make it a better place, so I feel fortunate to be part of the Daan Utsav volunteer team at such an early age where I hope I can contribute in a large way.



RanjaniI applied for the fellowship not because I wanted to make others give but because I believed in the festival. I just wanted to make the fellow humans to believe in the festival. So what did I achieve in the fellowship?

In the process of making people believe, my belief in the festival exponentially increased. The little acts of giving that people and children did across the country was heartwarming. I found in a vast country like ours with several cultures and traditional differences , everyone is trying to do something within their possible limit. It is because of the fellowship, I was able to capture and experience these. This will push me further to be more kind ,more humble and cherish the things I have. I would tell the future fellows- don’t think Daan Utsav will only make you help others to give, more than that it will give you a holistic approach of giving. It will help you understand the statement ‘The poor gives more and that is why they are are rich with a smile always.’


My journey of Daan Utsav was full of excitement and thrill. I met some wonderful people who have changed the way I see life. They pushed us to get the best of us and made us realize our own potential. As it is rightly said ‘A diamond is a chuck of coal that is made good under pressure.’ And that is what our mentors were doing with us. It was an incredible experience.


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  2. Bharati Sahoo

    i have completed my graduation in social work from ignou………my result has already out but still now i am awaiting for my certificates which will probably in my hand in the month of july………can i apply for Daan Utsav fellowship?

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